My Housing


Unit assignments are based upon date of application and eligibility requirements and are at the sole discretion of the landlord. Specific units are not guaranteed prior to check-in. University Housing prioritizes the assignment of family housing units to students with the highest number of family members residing together.

All check-ins take place at the Spencer View Service Center. Be sure to schedule your check-in at least 24 hours before your arrival. To ease your transition into the community, you will need to complete a few items within 24 hours of your check‑in appointment. Items include: paperwork and contracts, setting up utilities, parking and mailbox, and in some cases setting up trash and recycling. Visit our move-in page for a complete list of instructions. 


Generally, rental agreements for Family Housing and University Apartments, and Graduate Village contracts begin on your move-in date and end on June 30. There are some unique circumstances, including graduating during the academic year. For graduate check-out dates, please review your rental agreement or Graduate Village contract for detailed policies. Visit our move-out page for a complete list of information and instructions.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Non-emergency maintenance concerns include slow drains, resetting the fan timer, small leaks, pests, and other non-urgent issues. Please report maintenance concerns by submitting a maintenance request form on My Housing

Emergency maintenance concerns include smoke detector malfunctions, large leaks, clogged toilets, broken refrigerators, complete lack of hot water, and other urgent needs. To report emergency concerns during business hours call 541-346-5263. After hours contact the on-call community assistant at 541-912-1435.

For life-threatening emergencies, call 9-1-1 immediately.

Visit our Maintenance and Cleaning page for more details. 

Internet and Utilities

Having your utilities set up is an important step. We urge Family Housing and University Apartments applicants to contact all local utility providers regarding deposit costs, hook-up fees, and monthly estimates as they can vary and may be substantial, especially in winter months. Check your community to best understand what is included and what you will be responsible for. 

Visit our Internet and Utilities page for more information. 

Documents and Forms

From time to time there may be a form we need you to submit to keep our records accurate, request a change in address, or cancel your contract. Please see a complete list of forms in this section and follow the instructions on the forms to submit to University Housing. If you have any questions about the forms, we would be happy to help you in person, via email, or on the phone.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. If you need assistance completing a form we would be happy to accommodate. Please send a formal request to our Family Housing and University Apartments office at

Cost of Attendance

Cost of attendance is the estimated cost to attend the UO for the academic year. The Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships provides estimates for cost of attendance information that goes beyond tuition and fees, and includes: living expenses (housing and food), books/supplies/equipment, transportation, and miscellaneous personal expenses.