Checking Out

Generally, rental agreements for Family Housing and University Apartments and Graduate Village contracts begin on your move-in date and end on June 30. There are some unique circumstances when that date may be different, including graduating during the academic year. For graduate check-out dates, please review your rental agreement or Graduate Village Contract for detailed policies. 

Avoiding Charges

Other than normal wear and tear, tenants should leave the apartment or house as clean as possible to avoid cleaning charges. The following guidelines will help you prepare for check-out.

  • Wipe down all windows, blinds, troughs, closets, shelves, and woodwork including baseboards, doors, and door frames.
  • Wipe down all walls including behind appliances. Remove all food spills, crayon marks, etc.
  • Clean kitchen cupboards, countertops, sinks, floors, and vacuum carpet.
  • Clean all appliances: wipe out drip pans, under drip pans, stove dials, drawers, and shelves, both in and outside of stove and refrigerator. Drip pans on the stove will be replaced at no cost to the tenant.
  • Clean bathroom and kitchen fans including covers and filter screens. Throw away your shower curtain.
  • Clean the shower and tub, toilet, sink, fixtures, medicine cabinet, and floor.
  • Clean and sweep all concrete areas, stairs, porches, patios, and storage areas. Remove trash.
  • Replace burnt-out lightbulbs.
  • If living in East Campus houses, cut the grass, remove debris and compost piles from the yard, restore vegetable garden areas, sweep and clean out the garage, basement, and attic (if accessible).

Parking in Apartments and Houses and for Move-Out

  • Space for portable moving containers or to maneuver oversized trucks is not available for most housing types. 
  • Semi-trailer trucks cannot enter and exit any apartment parking spaces or access roads. 
  • An email request is required two weeks in advance for portable containers. A single container must fit within an assigned parking space with a three-day maximum for delivery and pickup. 
  • Move-Out Day

  • Make sure that all keys issued to you—door keys for apartment or house and garage, mailbox, music room, community room, and laundry keys—are turned in. If any keys are not returned before or at time of checkout, the rental holder's student account will be charged for a lock change.
  • Return the parking permit for Spencer View, Agate Apartments, or Moon Court with your keys.
  • Disconnect or transfer all of your utilities including water, electricity, natural gas, cable or satellite television, internet service, as well as those that are provided by the University of Oregon.
  • Contact the US Postal Service at least two weeks prior to vacating to have mail forwarded. If a forwarding address is not submitted to the post office, mail is returned to the sender.
  • If living in an East Campus house, contact your trash service provider for final pickup and set trash containers near curb.

Any property that is left in the apartment or home that appears to have value will be stored for 15 days only. If property is not claimed during that time period, all items will be recycled or repurposed according to the Oregon Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. Contact the area coordinator at 541-346-0964 to set up an appointment to retrieve items.

Charges for any cleaning, damages, loss to UO property, hauling and disposing of items left in the unit, key replacement and/or lock changes, or unauthorized alterations will be charged to the rental holder's student account. These charges will be deducted from your deposit and may be in excess of the deposit amount. A copy of your check-out form, including any charges, will be mailed to the forwarding address in your student information at the time of your check-out. If no forwarding address is given, the form will be sent to the address you vacated.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Spencer View Service Center at 541-346-5263.

Cost of Attendance

Cost of attendance is the estimated cost to attend the UO for the academic year. The Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships provides estimates for cost of attendance information that goes beyond tuition and fees, and includes: living expenses (housing and food), books/supplies/equipment, transportation, and miscellaneous personal expenses.